Accident Recovery Blog: How to Relieve Stress

How to Relieve Stress in Laredo


Here in Laredo stress is can be lethal.  I mean that literally. Stress can kill you.  Too much stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.  It’s important to find ways in your life of relieving stress. In our lives we tense unconsciously but we must relax consciously. There are lots of ways to do it, some strange, some not, some costly, some free. Mix and match, experiment to find out what works for you.


Massage.  It can tend to be expensive and so not something always sustainable but its one of the best ways to relieve your stress.  Always find a good masseuse, someone who has trained for years.  They say it take 10.000 hours to be good at something, so I say make sure your masseuse has done over 30,000 hours of massage.  If your masseuse is a professional they will know how the body works and they can literally find the physical manifestations of your stress and eliminate them.  The factors causing stress won’t have gone, but the physical pain will have.


Exercise.  It can come in any form.  I like to bike ride.  It helps me to forget my problems when I hop on my bike and ride. I don’t think where I’m going, how far, how long; I just ride and work the stress out of me.  Some people run, others do martial arts.  Training in a martial art is particularly good for stress relief, on top of the exercise to relieve the body you will also be learning discipline to help relieve the mind.


Sex.  (And romance) Physical intimacy is important in your life.  Sex releases endorphins that relieve not only stress but pain as well.  A healthy sexual appetite has been tied to happier people and longer life spans. Lonely people are more susceptible to sickness and depression. Spending time with a loved one can help in so many ways.  A partner can share your stress, lending a shoulder to help carry the load and make it seem like less of a burden. Your loved one can also help you solve problems and give you a fresh outlook on any puzzles you cant seem to crack.


Meditation or Yoga.  Our lives are so easily filled with work and conflict.  It’s not hard to stay busy, but sometimes it can be hard to stay focused.  If you take time each day to clear your mind, by meditating or doing Yoga you can revitalize yourself.  If your brain never has time to rest it will explode. Burning out can be devastating to your work, if you are falling behind and you work too hard, you may end up digging an even bigger hole for yourself.  Just like any muscle you need to give your brain a rest sometimes.


Social interaction.  When work gets on top of you, often we think the best thing to do is buckle down, lock yourself in your office and work till you drop.  If you do this, you’ll not only hate your work but you’ll hurt yourself.  The stress of a large workload or deadline can be a great motivator but it’s not always healthy one.  You need to stop and give yourself time to be social.  By all means work and work hard but don’t forget to play either.  It’s essential for a healthy mind to have a social life.  Time with friends will help you take stock of what’s important and realize that work isn’t always such an insurmountable nightmare.


Well there you have it folks, it’s all much easier said than done of course.  The important thing is to try, give yourself time and put in the effort and you can improve yourself, I know you can.  Don’t let stress run your life and eventually end your life.  Take some deep breaths, punch a foam dummy and find someone to get it on with; you’ll be happy you did.


Stay Stress-free Laredo!